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DØSSI 🇳🇴 - ‘Lovebirds Pt 1: Love ‘ (Album)

I've classified this as an Album, but this new release 'Lovebirds' from Norwegian singer DØSSI is just the 1st half of a long play release, and in some ways it's also therefore an EP. But the intention will be a full album , so let's stick with that for now.

Behind the name DØSSI is singer songwriter Ingrid Døssland, and she's an artist we've written about a few times before, as well as including tracks of hers on our Indie playlist. She's yet another Bergen based artist, first appearing with a single in 2018, whilst I'm pretty sure one of the 1st times I heard her was on a recording of a Sofar Sounds gig. Her 'Bluebirds' EP was well received last year and it's good to see new material so quickly after that.

'Lovebirds Pt 1' is written in her very typically distinct style, slightly dreamy and occasionally quirky indie folk, with the idea being that each track represents a song about love from a different perspective - not the first or last to cover the subject for sure, but it's a coherent and balanced set of tracks.

It opens with the previously released 'wildflower', a soft enticing song which also features the contrasting vocals of Norwegian musician dePresno, with beautiful fragments of gentle floating instrumentation accompanying the track. 'jasmine, darling' is probably my favourite, with the track opening up with a gorgeous melody - the song apparently representing "love that just feels like a pink cloud and cotton candy that you never want to get out of", if my translation of an interview she did with NPS Music is correct.

Not afraid to change direction, 'tough love' is a gently rocking song which benefits from a catchy chorus, whist I like the idea behind 'I don't admit it', that in the midst of everything it's so easy to forget to give yourself some love too.

The almost inevitable 'why would you let me go' trips along with another catchy tune, but again it's those subtle touches of musical instrumentation that add so much to each of the song - the organ ending works particularly well. And the swell of intensity in the almost anthemic 'love me' concludes the release, not my favourite of the album by any means, but it does feel like it brings the release to a natural conclusion.

Lovely melodic songwriting with gorgeous vocals throughout and clever instrumental arrangements, 'Lovebirds Pt 1' is definitely worth a listen. Looking forward to Pt 2.

Find her on Facebook.


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