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Daði Freyr and ÁSDÍS (Iceland) - ‘Feel the Love’ (single)

I was listening to one of my favourite Icelandic bands Ceasetone this weekend, and whilst checking out if there was any news on their new album, came across this quote from their songwriter Hafsteinn Þráinsson who told Reykjavík Grapevine that music was broadly split into two types: ‘There’s the music you listen to to make yourself feel better and the music you study because it’s interesting’.

So If our recently reviewed Pom Poko album is the music you listen to because it’s interesting, then the recent single by Icelandic multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and all round lovely chap Daði Freyr, alongside fellow Icelandic songwriter ÁSDÍS, is definitely that song to warm your hearts and cheer your battered Covid traumatised minds.

Obviously Daði Freyr is probably best known in the UK for being the Icelandic selection in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest that never happened, and a hot favourite too with the track ‘Laid Back Things’ The good news is that he’s been selected to represent them this year also, and the 2021 track is well on its way to being completed I think, with help from about 500 fans who all sent singing clips through to be part of a communal choir on the song.

It’s a great idea, although I have visions of Daði getting to around the 284th submission and having some type of mini breakdown at the enormity of the production task.

Anyway, along with ÁSDÍS he has also released a track entitled ‘Feel the Love’, and it’s a feelgood, upbeat, almost classic banger of a pop tune. The type I never write about, but happy to make an exception for these guys.

Looks like Daði has cancelled live dates in March, so not 100% sure what the status of UK dates in April are like, but I’m guessing it’s not going to be easy. Shame because some of them, including Manchester Club Academy, had sold out. I would check his Facebook page if you want more info.

And you can find ÁSDÍS here on Instagram.


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