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Dan Rose - ‘Descend into Darkness’ (single)

There’s a huge contrast between Elina whom we‘ve just featured, and Danish singer songwriter Dan Rose, even if both have just released music based simply around acoustic guitar. But I love featuring music from different ends of the musical spectrum, and the Copenhagen folk songwriter is not necessarily trying to write music that will sell and stream millions of times, he’s simply trying to write honest music that he believes in.

Telling things ‘how they are’ inevitably draws him to a melancholy world, contemplating humans and their relationship with the planet and each other. Previous releases have included the cheerily titled ‘God Loves Violence’ and ‘Copenhagen Eats Itself’. He’s also a prestigious gig performer and tourer, and has still managed to play a respectable number of socially distanced gigs in 2020.

New track ‘Descend into Darkness’ heads even further into the gloom with repeated lyrics that drill home his belief that we’re all to blame for the global position we’re in. The opening lines say it all: “We have come to the final breaking point / Too late we raised our common voice / Descend into darkness / We made this mess ourselves”.

Blimey, and I thought that Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s post match press conference yesterday was downbeat.

The track is written at quite a sombre, slow tempo too, which I think suits the style of song, and although it doesn’t have the type of melody that you’ll be whistling all the way to work / college / home office, he clearly achieves what he set out to do, and I like the clear delivery of that lyrical content too.

So much so that I’ll finish with the final words of the song: “We had the best winter / Got a suntan / The world will burn because of the stupidity of man”.

Probably. Unless the comet gets us first Dan.

Find him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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