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David Åhlén 🇸🇪 - ‘If I Have You’ (video)

I try not to write about the same song twice, but it has been a year since we featured Swedish songwriter and producer David Åhlén, and he’s released a video to the track ‘If I Have You’ which I featured previously. I’m conscious that I’ve featured a fair amount of really noisy music recently, plus some Eurovision stuff too and I think this provides a good contrast.

Anyway I’m not sure I’ve seen a video from Åhlén previously, and this has been done in collaboration with artist Gustaf Järver, who seems to have been given complete freedom to interpret the music - through the medium of dance. Gustav says that the video ‘focuses on being in touch with nature and plays with the contrasts of light and dark, a theme that is also quite present in David’s spiritual music’.

It is certainly very movingly spiritual, to the extent where I think everyone watching it will feel they need to sit and be silent and just appreciate the images and music. This also allows the very simple but beautiful lyrics to take centre stage – “There’s a struggle within this vessel… But if I have you…”

More David Åhlén music is expected later this year apparently.

Find him on Facebook.


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