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Eerie Glue - 'Diamonds' / 'Oh Dear God' (singles)

We have a bumper day of new releases to cover, so firstly 2 releases from an artist who has released tracks just 2 weeks apart. ‘Diamonds’ and 'Oh Dear God' are the new songs from Danish artist ‘Eerie Glue’, and the observant amongst you will remember that we gave him a namecheck a few weeks back. Behind Eerie Glue is the songwriter Bünyamin Eroglu, and we covered him through his 'Transit' album release in the guise of his alter ego ‘BÜNNI’.

We also covered Eerie Glue in 2017 when he released an EP entitled ‘Love’, and there is a similar theme to the song ‘Diamonds’. Lyrically it’s based on actual text messages between 2 lovers, and whilst I worried this might be a little cringeworthy, actually it’s quite nice, ‘’Let’s meet by the moon across the river….. let’s sleep by the trees amongst the flowers’’ - you get the idea.

Inevitably it doesn’t cover the more mundane aspects of a relationship – ‘’have you put the refuse out / don’t forget to pay the water bill’’, but maybe that doesn’t make quite such a good song.

I like ‘Diamonds’, from the warped guitar opening, which follows with stripped back vocals offering a simply jaunty melody, and the song has a lo-fi sensibility which actually suits the song topic pretty well – you feel he could be actually be strumming along to his lover on his guitar amongst the flowers, by the trees, under the moon, next to the river.

Anyway Bünyamin's a busy chap because there’s also a new single out today called ‘Oh Dear God’, which doesn’t appeal quite so much because of the swearing, but it actually provides a good antidote if ‘Diamonds’ is a little too overly sweet for your tastebuds. It also rattles through in under 2 minutes - he just makes his point and leaves it there, which definitely works.

All of Eerie Glue’s releases have a real character to them, so we’re looking forward to the new album which is due next month. If time permits we’ll try and write about it.

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