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  • David Bentley

Eivør – Let it come (single from forthcoming album)

Faroese artist Eivør has released a new single and video, ‘Let It Come’, the latest lifted from her forthcoming album ‘Segl’ (September 18, 2020). This is the first time I’ve reviewed the enigmatic Ms Pálsdóttir, the Faroese Björk as she’s known, for NMR. The last time was an impressive live album covering the period, and the various genres she has embraced, since she began her recording career aged 16.

There is a website which lists almost 90 artists and bands from the Faroe Islands, a country of about 60,000 people, which is quite remarkable. And considering they include anarchic gay punk rockers Joe & The Shitboys, who are about as far away from Eivør musically as I am from winning the lottery, more remarkable still.

Eivør is a genuine international artist and while her traditional style changes on this song it still oozes quality. It is considerably more mainstream than her earlier and more experimental work, a road you could argue she has been following for some time now.

Having said that, the way she delivers the opening lines channels Björk so closely that she might have become one of the Huldufólk which I’m convinced the Icelandic pixie really is, and she’s hardly mainstream. Elves are common to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. And there’s a connection to another NMR favourite, Siv Jakobsen, in those opening lyrics when she sings “Sometimes I over-think the most simple things”, something that Jakobsen constantly berates herself for.

Eivør says the song is a follow up to her previous single ‘Sleep On It’ and that while that was about insomnia and making difficult choices, ‘Let It Come’ is about coming out at the other end of this struggle, embracing the uncertainties you might find yourself in and finding the courage to believe that something good will come your way. All very Jakob-ite.

And there’s an interesting synth/pads passage in the middle of the song which could have been lifted from Highasakite’s ‘Camp Echo’ album. All-in-all, quite a melange.

The video was filmed in Iceland, which must come as a disappointment to the Faroe Islands’ tourist board as they have some spectacular scenery there as well. It features a guest appearance from Phil Mitchell’s dad, who has unshackled himself from Albert Square and flown to Reykjavik to trashEivør’s apartment there, before expiring from the effort.

If push came to shove I’d have to say I prefer her previous sonically soaring work but only marginally. It seems that whatever she writes and sings she brings power, poise and purpose to it.

To quote Eivør, “The live show is my thing, and the songs truly come alive to me when I can reflect them back to an audience.” Unfortunately that won’t be for a long time yet. Three UK dates (London, Manchester, Glasgow) have been rescheduled for October…2021.

Find her on Facebook or Instagram.


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