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Electric Sweethearts (Sweden) - ‘Of It All’ (single)

I promised noisy guitar music, and Electric Sweethearts sound like the type of band I should be featuring, although actually they’re more about the tunes than they are the noise.

They’re from Stockholm and three of the band (including brothers Axel and Gustav) met whilst working at an amusement park in 2017, sharing I suspect playlists involving a fair amount of Arctic Monkeys. Of course it always take some time to be able to release actual music, but they achieved that in December 2020 with the release of their debut single ‘Who Wears A Cardigan’. Not me. But I did go through a phase at college where I felt perhaps I should.

Anyway their new track is entitled ‘Of It All’, and it’s an efficient 2 minutes long, with an enticing catchy melody that is difficult not to enjoy, even if they do sound like a hybrid of few other indie rock bands I could mention – well I’ve named one already. But I never mind that, as long as bands are writing likeable songs, and whilst this isn’t explosive, it has a ‘fizz’ about it, high energy, interesting rhythms and I understand at least some of the lyrics – which seems to be a bonus with indie bands at the moment.

Great fun live I suspect, with a natural garage rock sound and not overly produced or refined either.

Find them on Facebook.


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