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  • David Bentley

Emi Wes – All Grown Up (single)

Amy Winehouse lives. That has to be your first reaction to Emi Wes and her new single, All Grown Up”.

She’s a Danish songwriter who has been working on improving her writing with Robin Hannibal (not the Cannibal), whose portfolio also includes Kendrick Lamar, Rhye, and Little Dragon amongst others.

She’s described as a purveyor of “Contemporary RnB, all seen through a distinctly Scandi lens” while the song is an anthem dedicated to those who look back at their exes with a feeling that they are much better off without them. She’s still wearing a wedding ring in the video, so possibly not that much better off?

Just as with the ‘Scandinavian Balearic’ we had the other day with Tomode I’m not quite sure what ‘contemporary RnB through a Scandi lens’ is. What I do hear are distinct Winehouse tones. Listen to the way she sings the word “you” and “business man” for example, as Southgate’s finest intoned “monkey man”.

And there is the beginning of Winehouse’s huskiness that is there to be developed. And you do get the impression she can generate much more power if she has to.

The song itself does have a distinctive 1960s soul feel to it, something of Franklin, James and Flack.

A nice little song. It hooked me in even though RnB isn’t really my bag.

As for the video, she’s supposed to be ‘contemplative’ but is doodling away at something we can’t see or pushing a glass off a table for the hell of it. For any foot fetishists watching, it’s your birthday.

‘All Grown Up’ is now available on streaming sites.

Find her on Instagram.


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