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Ethics 🇩🇰 - ‘Delamare’ (from EP ‘Kiss Forever’)

Sometimes when bands emerge on the scene and say that they’ll be playing the main stage at Reading / Leeds next then it sounds somewhat optimistic, and even a little arrogant. But in the case of Danish band Ethics it doesn’t sound too far off the mark, as their debut EP ‘Kiss Forever’ is a substantial release that really does showcase that this is a band that means business.

They’re a duo based around Casper Blond and Mathias Risager and they describe themselves as contrasting individuals, with Mathias being calm and collected, and Casper being the ambitious dreamer. Of course some of the very best bands have always had those personality differences, although as a duo there’s nowhere to hide.

Highlight of their new EP is the simmering and shimmering ‘Delamare’, which happily takes a hefty helping of 90s British influences (I won’t name them, they’re pretty apparent) but reinvents it with an energy that I haven’t heard that often. A striking melodic line cuts across the guitar and drum combo, and it keeps going effectively for over 5 minutes by gradually building up the volume and intensity.

It’s definitely the type of music I’d have been watching at gigs in college a couple of decades ago. Less so now, but I don’t think it’s gone out of fashion too much – not that I’m an expert on what’s ‘fashionable’.

Highlights of the EP include the driven ‘Unemployed (And Living the F*cking High Life)’ even though I’m normally not a fan of obvious obscenities, whilst pre-EP single ‘The Pressure is Mine’ fuses shoegaze with a softer pop aesthetic.

Good music to return to after a few days break anyway, and we’ll hopefully see them in Leeds next year. It doesn’t have to be the festival stage, the Brudanell Social Club will do me fine.

Find them on Instagram.

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