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Feber 🇳🇴 - ‘Hightower’ (single)

It's our 9th anniversary this week and I was thinking about heading back to our 1st artists featured and trying to track what's happened to their musical careers since then. Thankfully Inge Bremnes has saved me the work by turning up out of where I least expected him, as part of a Norwegian folk pop duo called Feber, with the other half comprising Helle Larsen, also from alternative rock outfit Jadudah

He's an artist I've not featured that much in the last 9 years probably because he was doing so well for himself he probably hasn't needed the type of small indie artist boost that we're here for. I've never worried about whether we're the 1st or last to pick up on our artist, but in the case of Inge I must have been pretty early given I wrote about powerful debut 'Sne' within a couple of days of its release, probably because I was aware of him being part of a really strong Norwegian contingent at LIPA in Liverpool.

Releasing a stream of successful albums and singles in his own language, he's toured extensively, but Feber originated as a lockdown project, with his friendship with Helle Larsen being described as 'two semi-peripheral airport beer acquaintances', if I have the translation correct. I like that idea.

They've released a series of tracks this year, and they're all worth checking out, particularly the gorgeous 'Elephants', which has a beautiful cello contribution. Latest track 'Hightower' adds to the collection, a lovely flowing guitar and melody, with great contrasts between the vocalists, but the whole thing is just really gently understated, I think it works really well from a songwriting and production perspective, and that production seems to come courtesy of Bendik Brænne, who's also popped up a few times on these pages,

So I guess the artist / band we've really missed out on is Helle Larson and Jadudah, who last released a single called 'The Club' in May after being inactive for a few years. Look forward to catching up with them on future releases.

They don't seem to have any social media for the project, but find Jadudah here and Inge Bremnes here.


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