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Feelium - 'Jared Leto' (single)

I really enjoyed listening to the new Siv Jakobsen song last night (you can read David’s review here), but it is undeniably just a little melancholy, so maybe in the current climate we need to try and spread a little happiness too. Feelium are a Swedish band that we haven’t featured before, but they’ve received some great coverage on music websites across the world, as well as gaining a reputation as a pretty dazzling live act.

Based on their latest single and video (released just yesterday), ‘Jared Leto’, it’s easy to see why. They’re a band that fuse together a wide range of music styles in their sound, originally starting as an electronic duo they added musicians with different influences to the point where they now sit right in the centre of that well known genre, that of glam funk soul indie pop.

This is seriously no exaggeration, just take a watch of ‘Jared Leto’ and you’ll see what I mean. I’m not a big fan of the type of stylised video intros used at the beginning, but that aside I love the theatrics of the opening to the track, the motionless band members and the introduction of the brass theme just feels so effortless - aside from it setting a great tone for the song. Catchy and compulsive viewing, it maybe loses a little momentum in the middle of the track, even if I like the sax solo in itself, but this is hugely entertaining and interesting music – and will easily fit onto anyone’s playlist.

On the track Feelium say:

‘’Jared Leto is the embodiment of hope. While the world around us shatter, Mr. Leto is someone to lean against. He has experienced the same loneliness.’’

Watch the video here:

We look to featuring the Malmö band again, and you can find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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