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FLOR - ‘Helt tæt på’ (video)

We seem to have introduced a fair few new Danish artists in the last 12 months, but we always welcome more, and FLOR makes a really strong impression with her powerful and intimate debut track entitled ‘Helt tæt på (‘Come Closer’) - it was released at the end of last month, but a video followed at the start of July.

FLOR (Danish for ‘To Blossom’) studied at the Danish National School of Performing Arts, originally in a BA course in Musical Theatre, but started songwriting whilst she was there, and her post graduate link ups with Danish hip hop legend Milad Genius and experimental electronic glitch-maestro Martin Messel. helped her develop her own style further.

Debut single ‘Helt tæt på’ is really a simple love story, as FLOR explains. ’’Most of the stories we hear about LGBT-people revolve around being in the closet or being discriminated against. I wanted to show a different side of being queer, so I knew that my debut single wasn't going to be about homophobia and hatred, but a story of love between two women”.

Musically electro-pop definitely is not my instinctive preferred genre, but It’s captivating, because FLOR has a really unusual style, which mixes dreamy vocals with speech, and that seems to add power to the story, as well as focusing on the melodic elements. Hypnotic pulses arpeggio upwards, and It’s the rhythms which entice, with a warm vibrating energy which carries the track forward.

The accompanying video seems to suit the track perfectly, and it feels positive too, similarly to the Luminous Kid video we featured a couple of weeks ago. It features FLOR in the ‘lead’ role, alongside actress Iris Thomsen (known from Viaplay's “Advokaten”), and it was created by queer video artist Ingerlise Øllgaard.

Watch it here:

FLOR says she wrote the song in 30 minutes, and the song does have a natural, intuitive feel about it, that really makes it work effectively.

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