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Fródi (Faroe Islands) - ‘Sirius Sirius’ (single / video)

Inspired by a podcast I listen to (yes that one), I’ve been slowly watching the Harry Potter films through lockdown, which I’ve quite enjoyed despite the tangled confused plots. So I wondered if Faroese artist Fródi had been doing a similar thing and been inspired by the character ‘Sirius Black’ in his new single ‘Sirius Sirius’, especially given the early line ‘his world is full of magic’.

But of course, I’m way off the mark as usual, as it’s actually a happy birthday tribute to Fródi‘s son Sirius who was born 2 years ago yesterday. Happy Birthday Sirius!

We’ve covered Fródi previously, most notably when he released his 2019 album ‘Hola’, a lovely release which meant a lot to me at the time. ‘Sirius Sirius’ obviously is pretty simple and self explanatory once you know it’s a birthday song, and it’s a nice catchy easy listening track, with cute lyrics and a lovely animated video to go alongside it.

As always with his recordings, Fródi plays most instruments, but he’s also joined by Petur Háberg on electric guitar and bass, the song was mixed and mastered by Aerosmith producer Jack Douglas and the lovely artwork and video was created by fellow Faroese artist Durita Hansen.

Meanwhile find Fródi here.


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