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Francis Moon - ‘Eyes on You’

I’ve no idea how I haven’t managed to find time to feature Swedish songwriter Francis Moon before, because he’s a true indie artist, the type of musician I wanted to write about way back in 2014 when we started. Having played and produced many indie bands he went it ‘alone’ back in 2015, and does everything himself from writing, creating videos through to doing his own PR.

The result has been a steady growth in appreciation for a musician who writes music that is very listenable – somewhere probably in the sphere of bands like Coldplay, Snow Patrol and The 1975. He released his debut album back in 2016, entitled ‘Onwards’, and it’s the type of album that will never go stale – warm, confident indie rock (or rock / pop) with melodies at the heart of it.

Anyway he’s back and new single ‘Eyes on You’ is the 2nd single from what we believe will be a new album. It’s a melancholic, atmospheric track that soars anthemically, but sticks close to a catchy pop style, and having spent some time listening to his back catalogue over last few days, it’s probably my favourite Francis Moon track to date. It’s not dangerous or pushing boundaries, but I guess not everything can be like that.

Lyrically the song covers fairly safe ground too, but with a theme that probably many of us have been aware of as we’ve headed through lockdown. Francis Moon explains. ‘’It feels like the more you get through life, you start to gain a new perspective on things. Only then can you truly learn and make things better for yourself; things that seemed quite impossible in the past but are now finally within reach. This is the meaning of ‘Eyes On You’".

Take a listen here:

You can find him on Facebook or Instagram.


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