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Freyr - ‘You Want Love’ (single)

Somehow we’ve completed 6 years of Nordic Music Review and as we enter the 7th year I can’t help but be reminded all the amazing highs of the last few years, as well as couple of rather big lows.

One of the things that really keeps me going is simply that the musicians (and record labels) we deal with are all just so lovely, and it’s been the biggest privilege to meet some of them too. Freyr Flodgren is one of those musicians I’ve been lucky enough to meet, and he is just the nicest guy, as well as a really talented musician obviously.

He now performs just under the name Freyr (not to be confused with Daði Freyr obviously…), and in the summer released an EP entitled ‘I’m Sorry’, which contained a collection of tracks that he’s written since he started his journey,

But it looks like that is now continuing at pace towards his debut album, and he has also signed to the Nettwerk Music Group, which hopefully should give him some added impetus.

Latest release is entitled ‘You Want Love’ and it’s a gentle yet jaunty little track, that skips through at first with the vocal melody but then builds with a flowing instrumental that creates a slightly different atmosphere. He describes it as “a song with a sense-moral. Stories, melodies and art repeat themselves in history. The good ones have one thing in common - they are always told with love”.

Nice words and Freyr deserves every success.

Find him on Facebook. Or Instagram.


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