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FVRmind (Sweden) - ‘mörkt’ (single)

I know I can get a little enthusiastic when I come across a new Nordic band I like, but I’ve been genuinely excited about FVRmind ever since I heard their 2nd single ‘Onto You’, and new track ‘mörkt‘, which has been released today, is another blistering song which is pretty much as good as anything I’ve heard this year.

Regular readers might remember that the band were formed by Swedish musician and songwriter Iona Isabella, and that they’re based in London. Prior to lockdown they chalked up some impressive gigs at ‘home’ venues such as The Garage, as well as travelling further afield to Denmark and Switzerland, and I would expect to see a flurry of gigs post Covid because they have a dynamic and almost epic cinematic sound that blends alternatively rock and Nordic folk influences – similar to an extent to Norwegian band Kalandra.

Speaking about new track ‘mörkt’, the band explain: ‘The song reveals the inner romantic who wants to find their other half so bad that they continuously trick themselves into believing they found true love, but then time after time ends up being disappointed and alone, feeling tricked and lonely, to the point where all they can do is laugh at the whole idea of love.’

It opens relatively conservatively, but that didn’t phase me one bit, because previous track ‘Onto You’ built slowly to a dramatic ending after a soft start. However ‘mörkt’ simply explodes into life in the chorus with vocalist Iona screeching the melody to the mocking words ‘love love lovely love’. It’s powerful stuff, and of course it’s backed by full blooded instrumental support. It all ends a bit abruptly but I guess that leaves me wanting more.

Anyway I shouldn’t have too long to wait, as 'mörkt' will be featured on an FVRmind EP due fairly soon I think.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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