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Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls - 'Careful is my Middle Name' (single)

Similarly to Nordic Music Review favourites Koria Kitten Riot, Swedish band Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls happily sit on our list of Scandinavian Indie Pop bands that sound like Death Metal outfits. Their new single ‘Careful Is My Middle Name’ doesn’t exactly sound like your average thumping heavy metal track either, it’s a catchy and melodic indie guitar track that’s an early taster from their new EP which is due this Spring – or later this Spring, if we’re going to be precise.

We first wrote about Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls in 2017 when they released a single entitled ‘Green Hang Ten’, and we featured them again later when they released a single entitled ‘Cedric’ – which is the only track that I can see on Spotify (at least in the UK), for the rest you’ll have to look at the much preferred Bandcamp.

There’s always been a hint of shoegaze nostalgia in their tracks, I think we also noted song gothic guitars in a previous track, and 'Careful Is My Middle Name' has 60’s influenced melodic intent, but accompanied by attractive sounding indie guitars and there’s a catchy chorus too. At just over 2 minutes 30 seconds it’s hardly a weighty track to get stuck into during long days of isolation, but it’s quietly infectious and charming indie pop.

This is ‘Careful Is My Middle Name’:

We look forward to the EP from the Stockholm band, which should be due sometime in the next couple of months.

You can find them on Bandcamp or Youtube


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