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'Ghosts on TV' - 'Inhibitions' (single)

I do love Post Rock, but I get that not everyone has the patience listen to a track lasting close to 10 minutes, where it takes 4 minutes for the first faint tickle on a drum to be heard, and 3 minutes more before the vocals arrive. Ghosts on TV have bucked the standard Post Rock format with a track that really hits the ground running, the flowing ‘Inhibitions’, released recently as part of a double single release (with 'Looking Forward to Seeing You Again') ahead of their debut album.

I wrote about Ghosts on TV last year when they released ‘End All States’, a single which received praise from the likes of Soundi and from their home city radio station, the excellent Radio Helsinki. I liked it, but did feel the instrumental format suited them better than the elements with vocals. ‘Inhibitions’ disproves that, because I think those soft understated vocals are generally pretty well suited to the song.

Aside from that, it’s a fluid track where the interplay between the 5 piece band creates ever changing rhythms and should enable you to get totally lost in the meandering sounds. At close to 9 minutes it will, of course, infuriate some listeners, but the strong opening gives it a sense of purpose and it leaves me moderately excited for their forthcoming album.

This is ‘Inhibitions’:

You can find them on Facebook.

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