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Giant Giant - ‘Lost’ (single)

We’ll try and get a short feature on the first new Nordic album we’ve spotted being released in 2021 later, but a quick mention to a new single released by Finnish indie band Giant Giant – entitled ‘Lost’, it came out on Friday.

They’re a band we’ve featured a few times before, notably when they released their self titled debut album back in 2016, which entertained us so much we found a place for it in our Albums of the Year list. It also turns out they have connections to another band we featured last year Treemer, courtesy of bass player Marko.

The band disappeared for a couple of years before reappearing towards the end of last year with a couple of new singles, as they work towards the follow up album release.

Lost’ is a curious one, because whilst it opens in typical Giant Giant style, meaty indie guitars and a tuneful vocal line, there’s then a slightly unusual ‘pause’ in proceedings before a big anthemic climax of a chorus concludes the track. Now I love the ending, great instrumental sound, so even if that break does make it a little disjointed for me, I‘m delighted to able to listen to a new release from them.

There's even a video.

I look forward to more releases from Giant Giant and Treemer in 2021.

Find them on Facebook.

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