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Giant Mammoth 🇫🇮 - 'Holy Sounds' (Album)

If Have You Ever Watched The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS didn't quite have enough guitar for your liking, maybe Giant Mammoth will be more your thing - not to be confused of course with previously featured Marble Mammoth, the excellent Finnish band Giant Giant or in fact metal band Mammoth Mammoth.

It's all very confusing for me, but I have just been sent a submission by a band called 'Steve', so at least I could find Giant Mammoth on Spotify. They're a garage rock trio from Tampere and 'Holy Sounds‘ is their 2nd album, a follow up to 'Occultation', which they released back in 2018.

So, how would I describe this? Well it's a beast of a stoner rock album, which has quite blasted out of my headphones and speakers, intense, moody and consistently loud from start to finish. 'Circle' sets the scene with 4 1/2 minutes of sustained noise, before they really appeal with the excellent 'Abracadabra', a coherent darkly melodic track which is as relentless as it is bold and convincing - the vocals really capture the mood.

'Dust' sends the album in a slightly different direction, atmospheric guitars and vocals, whilst the high energy 'Wasteland' really picks up the pace, with great fierce sounding guitars and a gothic feel, plus an almost anthemic chorus - it's quite possibly my favourite track.

Another album to enjoy. It won't have you dancing around the house on a Friday night whilst you sip your Rhubarb infused Gin and (slimline) Cucumber Tonic, but I'd tentatively suggest it's not quite a Rhubarb Gin and Cucumber Tonic kinda' release. But it's noisy, completely immersive and very satisfying.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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