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  • Dan Cromb

GREYSKIES (Iceland) - 'Rhoads' (single)

GREYSKIES is the pseudonym of 25 year-old Icelandic singer-songwriter Steinar Baldursson who’s set to release his third single ‘Rhoads’ on March 26th. It follows on from February’s single “Hurts So Bad” - a radio friendly blend of buzzing synths and trap beats with an epic mini-guitar solo - and last years debut ‘Numb’ which was much of the same.

There’s no doubting GREYSKIES’ ear for a catchy hook or his ability to blend beats and bass to produce a punchy sound. It’s also a testament to the multi-instrumentalist that he manages to make Rhoads sound quite so immense. As the PR for the single claims, this is stadium-ready pop, and that’s hard to disagree with based on this offering.

It’s also going to act as a perfect filler for anyone waiting for the next single from 'the Weeknd', given how uncannily similar ‘Rhoads’ sounds to the American stars chart-topping music. With an album “The Mind Is Like The Moon” due out in the summer of 2021, ‘Rhoads’ raises the bar even higher for GREYSKIES.

He can be found on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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