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  • David Bentley

Helena Montgomery (Sweden) – 'Fear is a constant reminder' (single)

The full title of this, the second single we have featured from Helena Montgomery, is ‘Fear is a constant reminder (that the world needs to be kinder)’. She has a habit of coming up with particularly apposite titles; the last one (April 2020) was ‘Making friends with time’.

Her songs are inspired by her own life as "an ordinary woman” in Stockholm and based on personal experiences.

In the case of ‘Making friends with time’ I wrote that there was a similarity to the style of The Seekers, the 1960s Australian folk-pop quartet, and its classy chanteuse Judith Durham.

This song has a more defined, catchier melody while that Durham-quality voice is still in situ. Add that to reflective, positive lyrics and a progression that grows close to an anthemic finish and the all-round package is pretty impressive.

And as a bonus the song carries backing vocals from the 16-year old prodigy we’re tracking, Ingrid Fröderberg, who had an ‘Introducing’ feature in NMR late last year, as well as another member of the Helges singing group, Elin Wallén.

To digress a little and to demonstrate how the industry is forever in flux, the link here is to the release on Spotify, which is one of 82 digital platforms the song can be accessed on!

Fear is a constant reminder (that the world needs to be kinder)’ is available today 29th January via the Comedia label.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram.


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