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  • David Bentley

Holiday Listening #5. Norwegian artists perform in Hiroshima remembrance event.

August 6th marked the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bombs and Norwegian TV station NRK2 more than did it justice with their hour-long programme Aldri mer Hiroshima (Never Again Hiroshima).

It went out on Facebook and YouTube live as well and the YouTube link is copied below.

A raft of top artists and bands took part including two that have recently been reviewed in NMR – Löv and Dagny. There’s also a fantastic cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘A Hard Rains’ gonna fall’ by Åse Klevland and we recommend you check the Japanese dancer right at the beginning as well.

There’s quite a lot of discussion in Norwegian and Japanese in addition, particularly at the beginning so here is the running order for the musicians:

Lov: - 10.05

Steiner Raknes/Ayumi Tanaka/Kajsa Bolto/Nosizwe: 23.55

SKAAR: 34.35

Slam!:  40.02

Åse Klevland: 49.09

Dagny: 59.00


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