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HunBjørn (Denmark) - ‘Avicii’ (single)

This isn’t the type of track I normally write about as much, but it really struck me as being powerful, as well as thoughtful and reflective too It comes courtesy of Danish producer and artist HunBjørn and was written about the Swedish DJ and producer Avicii, who sadly passed away in 2018.

We haven’t featured her previously, but she’s released 2 EPs since 2018, with the 2019 release ‘Next Summer’ probably making the biggest impact, particularly with the impressive ‘All the Red’ which I‘d recommend anyone takes a listen to, it’s a really stunning song.

It sounds like HunBjørn found the music fairly intuitive to write for Avicii, but the lyrics more challenging, but that it came together after watching the documentary ‘Avicii: True Stories’.

But writing the song also made her contemplate her own position as an artist, and how she relates to the challenges of social media and being a visible musician, as she explains: ”Since I wrote this song, I myself have gone through a lot of emotions about being an artist and the pressure to stay visible on social media. It can be challenging if you are in a completely different place in your life where you may need more to close in around yourself. The song is written as from one friend to another, about remembering to hold on oneself. About setting your own boundaries and choosing life above all else”

I like the way she considers this, and the song itself is rounded and absorbing, synth driven but fairly sparse and almost stripped back, as if every sound has been carefully considered. Actually it’s quite optimistic in tone, yet the lyrics are obviously melancholy, and I think it’s that mix of the two elements which makes the song so effective.

Take a listen here.

I’d definitely recommend her previous EP’s too, and you can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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