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Hush Forever (Sweden) - ‘That’s Where You’ll Find Me’ (single from album)

Last time I wrote about Hush Forever was back in 2019, when he released his track ‘About A Boy’, the 2nd part of his "Ann-Ki And Her Son” series. Both those tracks were included in an album he released late last year, entitled ‘Unlearn (the in & out travels of a human doing reclaiming the being)’, which I promise you almost makes sense if you read it about 10x over.

Sadly I missed the album release at the time, but he’s very kindly released an extra single from the album, entitled ‘That's Where You'll Find Me’, which has given me a chance to catch up on it. Now it’s 19 tracks long, which sounds pretty weighty, but Hush Forever’s almost horizontally laid back and chilled indie folkish singer songwriting is so gentle on the ear, that it’s definitely not hard going.

In fact the album opens with a few tracks that are so ambient, that you will be totally zoned out by the time the more ‘traditional’ songwriting starts.

Anyway there are 2 versions of new song ‘That's Where You'll Find Me‘ available, a radio style edit and a longer album version. Of course to me the longer version is much better, because it allows Hush Forever to gently instil his typically ‘zen like’ atmosphere on the track. I don’t think you can rush this type of music, just give it space to breathe.

Explaining more about the single he says “This song is about letting the right one into your life. Into that space that you only share with that special one, who deserves it. It's also about the joyful and scary dance that suddenly appear when you realize you’ve opened the door to someone else”.

Watch the video here.

I've really enjoyed listening to the album, and Sebastian Lilja, the artist behind Hush Forever, has a rich back catalogue of music from various projects, so check him out on Facebook, Instagram, or on his website.


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