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I Don't Speak French 🇸🇪 - 'Bob' (album)

I'm still trying to gather my thoughts on the epic new Ghosts on TV release, so whilst I do I'll briefly cover another release which I've really enjoyed listening to over the last week, courtesy of Swedish project I Don't Speak French.

They're a band I've mentioned and featured on playlists previously, based originally around Swedish songwriter and mult-instrumentalist Håkan Persson amongst others, with an ambition to create music based on a 'rainbow of genres', but never writing the same song twice and not afraid to experiment and do things differently - as long they have 'hooks, big chorus and memorable riffs'. Oh and they come from Växjö, which I'm pretty sure is where the brilliant School Book Depository comes from.

This is all demonstrated favourably in their latest release 'Bob'. Now I'm pretty sure that 'Bob' is the band mascot, but I can't find where I read that anywhere (I probably made it up) and it's 10 tracks of bright, colourful songs that are written in a distinct style, but do all sound pretty different, as per the aim of the band.

Highlights include the anthemic 'Take One for the Team' which is irresistibly catchy and likeable on 1st listen, 'Skate in Barcelona' which opens with a big vocal tune, and the quite brilliant 'Blow the Speakers Up' which is quirky, entertaining (almost irritatingly so) and ends with a quite wonderful instrumental section. Tracks such as 'Mi Casa es Su Casa', appeal to me less musically, it's a little 'boy band' for my liking, but the message of friendship, a 'love letter to those we call family' makes it hard to dislike too much.

It's an interesting release for certain, varied, upbeat and a feeling that you won't quite know what they'll throw in your direction next - 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name') is a good example with a huge riff that takes over the track, a mix of the commercial and the quirky, they seem to enjoy 'throwing the kitchen sink' at tracks when they have chance.

Anyway definitely worth a listen.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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