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  • David Bentley

I See Rivers – 'How' (single from forthcoming album)

Every time I hear something new from I See Rivers I marvel at how their sound is constantly evolving. I went to see them a few years ago, opening for Newton Faulkner in Manchester, and instantly winning over the audience with their engaging honesty and total lack of any sort of pretentiousness.

I’m sure the Norwegians’ collective character hasn’t changed a jot but what has is that sound, all the way from the ‘floaty pop’ with which they first came onto the scene to today’s sophisticated electro-pop. I remember how the UK female trio Stealing Sheep tried to change their sound, from an acoustic one to experimental electronica and for me it didn’t work and there was one occasion with I See Rivers when I thought the same thing might happen with them.

Not if 'How' is anything to go by. As much as I’m uncomfortable comparing one band directly with another there is so much about this track which reminds me of Sweden’s The Deer Tracks, currently inactive but which featured in a recent ‘Down Memory Lane’ article.

The attention-grabbing intro, the juxtaposition of conflicting synth sounds, the catchy snare drum beat, the lead vocal and the harmonies. It’s all there and it doesn’t so much float as erupt.

The three girls who met at university in Liverpool and who spend most of their time in South Wales now have matured into the complete package over the last couple of years and if this song is indicative of the future they’ll soon be back at the Albert Hall, and headlining it.

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