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Ida Wenøe & Samantha Whates 🇩🇰 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 - ‘Turn’ (EP) + UK Tour

There’s a fantastic range of Nordic gigs coming up in the UK, for me starting with Efterklang this week, with Kindsight, VEPS, Caper Clowns and even Major Parkinson in the distance. The longest tour probably comes courtesy of many times featured Danish songwriter Ida Wenøe and Scottish musician Samantha Whates, who have joined together for an extensive tour that starts tonight in beautiful Falmouth, before heading across country over the next 3 weeks.

To accompany the tour they’ve released a joint EP, consisting of 4 tracks, 3 of which are joint re-recordings of previous releases. Entitled ‘Turn‘ the feature single is a re-recording of ‘Lyla’, for which they traveled to Berlin to record in an old Cold War bunker - or actually outside, given when they got there it was closed to the public.

Impressively each re-recorded track feels really different, and I really enjoyed in particular ‘Three Miles Left’, which I didn’t know previously, as it was on Samantha Whates’ 1st album - both versions are good, but the new one has been almost deconstructed and recorded really atmospherically, with the vocals conveying the effect of the wind on the faces of the travellers.

Here’s the video to ‘Lyla’.

Anyway, worth a listen and definitely recommend the gigs, travelling across country over the next 3 weeks.

Full Tour.

02.03.2022 - Cornish Bank, Falmouth

04.03.2022 - Chalkwell Hall, Southend on Sea

05.03.2022 - Pound Arts, Corsham

06.03.2022 - The Lost Arc - Rhayader/Rhaeadr Gwy

10.03.2022 - Tŷ Pawb - Wrexham/Wrecsam

12.03.2022 - The Gate, Cardiff

16.03.2022 - The Sanctuary, Walthamstow, London

18.03.2022 - Cafe9, Sheffield

19.03.2022 - Thimblemill Library, Birmingham

20.03.2022 - The Rose & Monkey, Manchester (afternoon show)

22.03.2022 - Folklore Rooms, Brighton

23.03.2022 - The Lamb, Surbiton

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