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In Short: Toad Venom 🇸🇪 - ‘Eat’ (Album)

Well this is nice. Earlier I featured Räre Birds, who describe their universe as being part 'western movie, but in space and on acid', and now I'm on to fellow Swedes Toad Venom, who are in 'the void between spaghetti western and psychedelic rock'. So they're in exactly the same place, just representing opposing homeothermic and poikilothermic members of the animal kingdom - yes I know, but you should read the Toad Venom biography on Spotify, that's even more unfathomable.

Even more brilliantly, I only came across the Toad Venom album whilst 'reseaching' (I know this sounds difficult to believe) our Christmas Indie Playlist, which we'd be launching on unsuspecting readers tomorrow, if only I hadn't just spoilt the surprise today. But more on that tomorrow, because today I want to give the album a mention, because it's really worth listening to.

Quite simply 'Eat' is hugely entertaining, a quite marvellous heady mix of thumping musical themes, spaced out psych and vocals that switch effortlessly between dreamy, rock and even punk styles. Opener'Grip of a Vice' immediately takes us on a melodic journey that disappears off in the opposite direction than I was expecting, accompanied by quite extravagant instrumental support - I really like the main musical theme that sits behind the track.

But this is supposed to be an 'in short' review so check out the almost euphoric 'Three Hearts', with it's anthemic, relentless musical intensity, the trippy instrumental with the fab name ('Fraggelgaggel') and a quite brilliant cover of the France Gall track 'Laisse Tomber Les Filles', which seems to suit them perfectly. 'Swirling Hands' reminds me of other favourite Nordic Music Review psych prog bands like Cinnamon Space Machine (another to be found in that space psych cowboy void), whilst the two part'Deadless Time' again reaches for their spaghetti influences, yet offers a quite wonderful melody to carry the track to the end of the 1st half of the track.

I love the spirit and energy of Toad Venom, their version of psych is really endearing and completely infectious, sometimes offering free-flowing melodies, at other times creating a cacophony of noise, but always with a spaced out psychadelic backdrop. Great fun, and definitely one of my new favourite bands.

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