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Indie Playlist Update 05/04

A bigger update to the Nordic Music Review playlist, featuring our Single of the Week from Norwegian band Mall Girl, plus tracks from a Finnish band I haven't covered before, Black Currants and regular Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS, plus Club 8, the always excellent Miynt, Satanic Youth Club, The Entrepreneurs, Ea Othilde, Bregn, Pinemoon and a welcome return for the lovely folks at Total Hip Replacement - this time featuring Asi Renie and Kwame Yeboah.

Then we have Nils Bloch, Loui Lind, The Lost Weekend, Atli, a new artist to me The Ble Dinosaur, much featured ViVii, Many Voices Speak, Fangst, thea wang, hanna ögonsten, Boy With Apple, Two Year Vacation, plus noisy bands Errorr, Ask Carol, Orochen, Uraanipukti and garbage pink.

Finally we have Pearly Drops, Inka ásgeirs, Thom Hell, Mikael H and the one and only Biggi Hilmars - who is partly responsible for the existence of Nordic Music Review in the 1st place.

More next week, hopefully.


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