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Indie Playlist Update 13/02

Another week gone and another update to the Indie Playlist, this week featuring tracks from the likes of Drongo, Helax, Visitors Club, Holm, The Late Arthur, Black Mekon, Vero, Krummi (ft. Soffía Björg), Moon Panda, Elin Rehn, SONUR, Leading Edge, Simen Mitlid, Andreas Berglund, FredAtlast, Forgetting Yesterday, Lake Huttula, Magnus Tempels, Njord, You Said Forever, Leading Edge, Sei Selina, Bjorn Rydhog, Gaute Storsve Trio and Jesper Hansen. It’s a very welcome return for Kalandra, slightly older ones from Stillwalkers and Veps, plus musical curiosities from Trollfest and Babylon Twist.

Alternatively follow the link on the main NMR homepage.

A smaller update next week I think.


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