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Inga Björk - Straumur (EP)

So here’s something a little different, but it seems appropriate for a quiet Sunday evening somehow. Inga Björk is a songwriter from Hafnarfjördur in Iceland, which is a port town just south of Reykjavík, where she works as a teacher and music therapist – a fascinating subject area, given we probably all use music to improve our well-being, even if we don’t realise it.

Back in 2018 she released an album entitled Rómur, and now she’s back with a 2 track EP entitled ‘Straumur’. She’s a ‘traditional’ songwriter in that she uses a variety of traditional instruments in her songwriting, folk influenced and entirely sung in Icelandic, which feels entirely natural given her musical style, even if understanding the lyrics are a little tricky.

Straumur is beautiful and somewhat appropriately almost therapeutic in its soothing effect, with Inga’s vocals melancholic and pure. It has a spiritual feel too, whilst the guitar and instrumental accompaniment is finely judged and atmospheric – the guitars in the 2nd track Orðið are particularly lovely to listen to.

Of course this maybe a little ‘niche’ in appeal but definitely worthy of coverage.

Watch the video here.

You can see another of her videos here. And you can find her on Facebook or on her website. She is due to release another EP in August.


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