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Introducing... Pholexia (Finland) with single ‘Simple Things’

We featured Finnish band Black Twig on Friday with their excellent new single ‘Big Cat’, and whilst they’ve been around for a few years now, Pholexia are much newer to the Finnish music scene.

They come from the small west coast city of Vaasa, which has been mentioned a couple of times in these pages, and they were formed back in 2018. Their curious name is loosely based on the character Polexia Aphrodisia from the film ‘Almost Famous’, a favourite of singer Ilona, and being such a unique band name therefore also instantly passes the NMR 'googleability' test, which we approve of completely.

They released 2 tracks last year entitled ‘Lady Green’ and ‘You Owe Me 8’, but their new track ‘Simple Things’ steps things up a fair bit I think, maybe a sign that their songwriting is developing.

I think these guys make a good indie rock noise, particularly in the guitar sound and ‘Simpler Things’ opens with a meaty guitar riff, but it then reaches up to a pretty good melodic chorus, whilst Ilona’s vocals are pretty authoritative too. I think they could probably create an even bigger expansive sound instrumentally if they set their minds to it, but they’re clearly a band that want to write tunes too.

Promising stuff certainly, I think they will develop a lot further and exactly the type of young indie band I like to follow.

Find them on Instagram.


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