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Introducing...: Songs for Swimming - Yellow Fall (single)

Danish band Songs for Swimming might be new to Nordic Music Review, but the collaborators behind the project certainly aren’t, as they feature Rasmus Glendorf (Indiana Dawn and Root Root) and none other than Line Bogh (Linebug and solo), who we’ve featured regularly over the last couple of years.

Writing music as a duo seems to have been a natural progression for them having worked together on various projects, typically based around Copenhagen’s ‘Studio B in the Village’, the hub for many of their precious releases.

Explaining more about the ideas behind Songs for Swimming Rasmus told us that their songwriting was similar to “a wall filled with polaroid-photos each describing our lives and the situations that life brings to both us and the world around us. Little slices of life about lost dreams, waking up, falling and getting up again”.

They’ve released 2 of 4 songs that will comprise an EP to be released next Spring, entitled ‘Yellow Fall’ and ‘Friend’, with the highlight being the first of those 2 tracks. It’s a perfectly judged song, with melancholy lyrics, soft mellow instrumentation and you should get the feeling that they’re inviting you into their little world for a few minutes to contemplate and share sad stories, whilst wrapping a huge comfort blanket around your shoulders to keep you warm.

This is really so lovely.

Songs for Swimming are on Instagram.

You can find Line Bogh on Facebook and Rasmus Glendorf on Facebook


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