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Johannas Kabaréorkester 🇸🇪 - ‘Lindansen’ (single from self titled EP)

I featured Swedish instrumental folk outfit Johannas Kabaréorkester a few months back when they released their track 'På flykt från lagens tarva arm’ (‘‘On the run from the greedy law’.), and a self titled EP has now been released which also contains the track ‘Lindansen‘.

The earlier track that I wrote about it had so much character, making me think of chase scenes in Charlie Chaplin movies, and 'Lindansen' is in a similar vein, although this is atmospheric and slightly mysterious, therefore painting a completely different picture through the music.

Describing 'Lindansen', Johannas Kabaréorkester explain there is simple premise behind the track, as it’s about the tightrope walker Johanna (a character that repeatedly appears in their music) as she amazes an audience with her dance with death.

But it also has gentle laid back French influences, and could easily be the soundtrack to an comic film scene, but yes maybe the circus theme works well again too.. And the whole thing does has a theatrical quality to it.

Always quirky and fun, Johannas Kabaréorkester are just that little bit different to anything else out there, and I love them for it.

Find them on Facebook.


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