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  • David Bentley

Jonsson United: Mot världens ände (Towards the end of the World) (single)

It must seem like that’s where we are going, sometimes.

I didn’t know much about this band other than they are from Alnö, in the Västernorrlands county of Sweden (and that took a lot of Googling) until I received a bit of help from one of the band members, Magnus, who I know as a record producer but who also provides guitar, bass, percussion and vocals on this song.

Looking at their group photo they could be The Waltons (“goodnight Grandpa, goodnight John Boy”) outside their cabin. Those God-fearing farming folks were pretty united if I remember.

Jonsson United “moves between two worlds - pop and singer/songwriter. Sometimes pop, sometimes singer/songwriter and sometimes the worlds merge. Just as the band name says, the key word is ‘United’, together. A comparison with a football team is quite accurate. Sometimes some players disappear, and sometimes some are added.” If it’s Manchester United a lot of players are ‘disappearing’ right now, not to mention the Manager, who might.

“You do not win matches on your own, that's all. When Magnus Pejlert and Anders Svanberg keep it together, Antti Silventoinen (who I guess is Finnish?) is responsible for the beat, and I have a free role in midfield, then it usually works best”, says Calle Jonsson, who I believe is the lead vocalist.

“But there is really no strict direction either. It's always a mix, and that's how music should be. It should be able to be swinging and serious at the same time.”

Well I don’t hear much that’s serious in the song, although I can’t understand a word they’re saying anyway. However it seems the lyrics are actually very dark, concerning personal loss and time running away from us all.

But swinging? Definitely. It put me in mind right from the start of fun 1960s bands like The Honeycombs, with Gail Honeycomb beating her kit like Flo used to belt Andy Capp with her rolling pin. Add in a flavour of happy-clappy gospel and you’ve got it.

Great fun.

Lyrics and music - Calle Jonsson (also vocals, guitar, melodica, harmonica).

Other team members “so far”:

Antti Silventoinen - drums, guitar, choir, percussion/Olle Melkerhed - bass, vocals/Jörgen Wessén –bass/Magnus Pejlert - bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals, percussion/Anders Svanberg - guitar, keyboards. Singers: Erika Argården/Jonna Sjölund/Anne-Li Sjölund

Recorded, mixed and mastered in SPAM Recording by Magnus Pejlert and Anders Svanberg.

Find them on Facebook.


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