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  • David Bentley

Josefin Winther (Norway): ‘Jeg gir Meg’ (I give up) – single from forthcoming album

It was almost a year ago that we last featured Josefin Winther, with the track 'Annerledes'(‘Different’) which was the first new single since her previous album.

I suspect that both that song and this new one, ‘Jeg gir Meg’ (‘I give up’) will be on another new album which is slated for a 12th April release.

Josefin records in both English and Norwegian but recent releases have tended to be in her native language. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a translation so I don’t know just what this is about except that she’s giving up, but she has the knack of laying down a song that seems to mean something profound even if you don’t get it.

I’ve noted previously that the other thing she does rather well is to start off a lot of songs in the way of a gentle ballad and then build them with layer after layer of sound so that by the end it’s a different song altogether and sometimes even an anthem.

Part of the reason for her ability to do that is the quality of her band. In this instance you get the feeling she asked them to conjure up a Caribbean sound and hey ho, just like that, there it is.

But there is some variety on this song as it peaks early and then plays out to the resigned singularity of giving up the ghost.

Here’s hoping there might be a song or two in English on the album. Our command of foreign languages is world-famously hopeless, Josefin.

Until then, in the immortal words of Captain Naismith and the Thermians in Galaxy Quest, “Never give up! Never Surrender!”


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