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Kindsight - ‘Terminal Haze’ (single)

We’ve featured quite a few Swedish bands on the excellent Rama Lama label, including most recently Loaver, but we’ve never featured any non Swedish bands on that label – for the simple reason that they didn’t have any. Thankfully that’s changing now, and Danish act Kindsight have become the 1st non Swedish band, and they couldn’t have found a more typical Rama Lama style outfit too.

They’re an indie pop band, but with a slightly warped perspective, in this case because of singer Nina’s perfectly imperfect vocals. They released their debut single ‘Who Are You’ in August, which our friends at the excellent ‘For The Rabbits described rather beautifully as combining “a sunny disposition with a lurking wistful flourish, a lonely twirl on a dancefloor for an eternal wallflower”

The 4 piece were originally formed by Nina and Søren, but they later added jazz influenced drummer Johannes and then bass player Anders. They describe new single ‘Terminal Haze’ as “sausage of a song”, which I admit is a slightly new one on me, but I’ll let you try and work it out what it means.

Terminal Haze’ has this delightful charm about it, with an even more infectious chorus than ‘Who Are You’. There’s a playfulness in the guitars, a melody that skips along with a childlike exuberance, and it’s so bang in the centre of the Indie Pop genre, I guess it almost defines it.

I have a huge soft spot for bands like this, and even after just 2 singles, Kindsight are already a huge favourite of mine.. Anyone from the Indietracks or Indiefjord festivals care to sign them up for 2021?


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