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Kluster B - Love Must Conquer (single)

I must admit I had a bit of a double take when I saw the new single coming through from Kluster B, because I've always really liked Swedish band Kluster, and I get confused enough on a daily basis, without 2 bands with such similar names. Anyhow, turns out there's been a slight renaming, and Kluster B are actually the 'artist formally known as Kluster', and it's all perfectly simple really. Anyway, it's lovely to have them back, and their new single is entitled 'Love Must Conquer'.

Simplicity though isn't really the 'artist formally known as Kluster's' thing. Their music brings together a complex array of indie styles, and I don't mean that because the resulting sound is 'huge', but because they have this lovely fluidity about their songwriting, and 'Love Must Conquer' demonstrates that right from the beginning. In the intro to the sound is more akin to an organist welcoming in mass at a church, albeit played out on synths, before a laid back melody takes over, and those indie, punk, jazz and soul influences all combine in the supporting instrumentals.

There's something quietly captivating about this band, because their music is always varied and interesting, and distinct in style too. This is 'Love Must Conquer'

Kluster B will release their second album 'B' in April through the excellent Rama Lama Records.

Visit them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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