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KONVOJ (Denmark) - ‘Treasure’ (single)

I did promise to cover some ‘noisier’ music, and after Zeromancer I’ll head to Denmark for a band with a really raw, powerful sound – for those who like lime pickle with their poppadoms rather than the sweet chutney.

Anyway KONVOJ are a post punk trio who’d played together in a number of Danish bands previously and who wanted not just a fresh start, but a whole new ethos for their songwriting and performance. This seems to revolve around a set of ‘rules’ which cover a number of elements, including band membership, lack of commerciality and critically that recordings should always be done in ‘one take’ – and that’s where their rawness comes from.

It must cut down on Studio fees too, their debut album ‘Basher’ was recorded in under 2 days. They debuted earlier this year with a track entitled ‘Modern People’, and they’ve followed that up with ‘Treasure’, which was released yesterday, and they’re certainly right when they say their music is free from any form of commercialism. It also doesn’t have that many obvious tunes, which might obviously be off putting to some of you.

But it has such an energy, they’re wild musical spirits that just want to play music as loud as they choose. And the unpredictability is pretty compelling too, I’m not 100% bought into their music yet, but there’s something about these guys that draws me in, and they must be a real spectacle live. I really want to hear the album too, and I do like the approach they're taking.

Anyway ‘Treasure’ apparently relates to “the metaphorical and existential treasure that we all have the opportunity to find if we dare to follow our own pure truth.” So that’s nice and clear then.

Find them on Instagram.


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