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LÓN 🇮🇸 - 'Thankfully Distracted' (album)

I know I keep saying this type of thing, but I have a few short features lined up to help cover the huge wealth of Nordic Album releases that I've missed whilst I've been involved in other projects this year.

I have featured Icelandic Indie Folk project LÓN on our Indie Playlist, but their recent album 'Thankfully Distracted' is definitely worthy of a few more words, a beautifully constructed Americana tinged release which is elegant in both it's songwriting and performance.

Behind the band is one of Iceland's most well-known musicians, Valdimar (Valdimar Guðmundsson), better known for the rock band of the same name, and in this project he joins with compatriots Ásgeir Aðalsteinsson (who was also in Valdimar) and Ómar Guðjónsson (adhd and ROFOROFO) in a release which they wrote during lockdown undisturbed in a small cabin by a lake - and it's certainly not the last time I think I'll hear that description.

The lovely thing about this release is that it will transport you to that cabin by the lake, it has a calm, peaceful feel to it, totally natural sounding and always understated, never trying to be something that it isn't. I think it probably takes a couple of listens before the melodies sink in, but it's worth the time and effort getting to know it.

Highlights for me include the lovely opener 'My Father', which I find quite touching lyrically, whilst I love the melodies and contrast of vocals in 'Runaway', which also features Icelandic artist RAKEL, who we've also featured previously and collaborated with the brilliant CeaseTone. 'Mantra' is stripped back at the start, but opens up with beautiful instrumental arrangements and vocal tune, whilst the uplifting 'Drifting' takes the track away in a different direction.

Anyway, great to see Valdimar involved in a different project, and the album is definitely worth checking out for the stunning vocals, thoughtful lyrics and musical arrangements.

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