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  • David Bentley

Löv – Never Lose Light (track from forthcoming EP)

Oslo-based power trio Löv are heading towards the release of an EP (‘Letters of isolation’) in January but have, with this one, now released two tracks from it, because, to use their own words, “Since the time we're in now is a bit dark, we thought we'd release another song so that you have something to look forward to.”

The previous track, ‘A song for you’, was a sentimental one expressing mutual love, support and concern for relatives and presented as a sympathetic ballad.

‘Never Lose Light’ is more upbeat musically while still pertaining to a serious subject. As they say,“living with a person you love can be absolutely amazing, but it can also be very difficult. Especially when life is otherwise challenging.”

They’ve got their finger on the pulse ok. Whether they are in Oslo or Oswaldtwistle, many people will recognise how the demands of 2020 have impacted on relationships, by way of job losses, being stuck at home in each other’s company all day or having to find something for the kids to do.

So, ‘Never Lose Light′ is about “preserving the light and hope when dreams are shattered and you suddenly remain all alone.” “Never lose the light in my soul” is the punch line.

And ‘Never Lose Light’ makes for an interesting contrast with a previous song, ‘All of the Lights’, which was about the love lights being turned out, not on.

These last two songs have been unusual in that the complex arrangements that were evident previously are not quite so much manifest although it gravitates that way towards the end of this one when it turns into an early Christmas carol. However, given the subject matter and the context they are perfectly apposite.

What is unusual about this track is that it appears to be in 3/4 time, which makes it a waltz. Not unique, but still fairly unusual amongst pop songs.

And once again Martin (Halla) and Marte’s (Eberson) joint vocals stand out. The M&Ms of music, they go together like strawberries and cream. The Peters & Lee of their generation.

There is a slight shift, more in the direction of ‘mainstream’ here, something that may come as a surprise to those that are au fait with the indie-electro background of Marte and Øystein Skar in previous incarnations. But it doesn’t concern me, because it demonstrates the depth of variety available to them - ‘Never Lose Light’ is almost boy/girl-band like in parts - and also because as I see it from here Norway has a gap to be filled by a top-notch mainstream pop band anyway.

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