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Lina Lambertz - ‘To Count the Days’

I wrote about Øyunn yesterday, and in many ways Lina Lambertz has a similar approach to her songwriting, fusing a variety of musical genes together – in her case jazz, folk, indie and pop. It’s equally appealing and certainly very easy to listen to.

Similarly to Øyunn, Lina Lambertz also describes herself as a visual artist, and has connections to Copenhagen, where she studied at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, although she also has a masters degree at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. She released her 1st single entitled ‘Any Other’ last year, followed by the lovely ‘Painting Towns’ a few months ago – a soft, jazz infused track with a spectacular trumpet contribution.

New song ‘To Count the Days’ was released last week, and again the range of influences is clear. Vocally and melodically there are some similarities to Vashti Bunyan, but it’s also interesting that she references Juana Molina in her notes, because instrumentally the Argentinian songwriter is clearly far more experimental and Lina Lambertz is not afraid to use a range of instruments In her songwriting,

It’s certainly those instrumental arrangements that make the track so appealing, the trumpet contribution this time is more subtle, but it veers between gentle jazz and an almost jaunty traditional folk ending, led by violin and trumpet. It’s different certainly, and for a dark cold Friday night it feels warm and uplifting.

Maybe the song that would be perfect listening whilst sitting comfortably in my favourite old armchair with a glass of scotch. If only I drank scotch or had an armchair.

Find her on Instagram or her website.


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