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  • Andy

Little Hand Feet 🇬🇧- ‘What Would I Live On’ (single)

I'm not going to deny it, this is is my favourite new release of the last few weeks, and it comes courtesy of West Yorkshire based Little Hand Feet and the lead single from their forthcoming debut EP.

Typically for a DIY band they've been playing regularly at local venues since 2017, slowly building their reputation with an impressive list of support slots, features via good old BBC Introducing, then later being described by Our Sound Music as “Gloriously shambolic... punk, rock but with more roll, a twisted pop sensibility".

Now of course that sounds like a description of Cardiacs, which is obviously a very good thing, but Little Hand Feet aren't quite in that mould, these guys write angular maths punk rock, which in 'What Would I Live On' is as baffling as it is brilliant, with intricate competing guitars building towards the most perfect cacophony of sound. Not only is it hugely entertaining and guaranteed to leave a smile on your face, but you'll want to listen again simply to try and work out how the hell they do it.

Anyway, it's a sensational song. They made a brief appearance at the lovely Peer Hat in Manchester, and I very much look forward to them returning.

Find them on Facebook. And Instagram.


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