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llawgne - ‘Reverie Neverending’ (single)

Y’all staying awake there? It’s been a long 24 hours, and I know we have a lot of readers from the U.S., so all I can say is that we feel your pain. We have the Eurovision Song Contest over here, and the voting is just as complex and long winded.

Often Sweden win, which conveniently brings me to Swedish artist Mathias Engwall, who’s indie shoegaze project llawgne is unlikely to feature in that competition, but who did receive ‘douze points’ from music websites and playlisters for his 2019 release ‘The White In It’s Eyes’.

Now he’s back with a new single entitled ‘Reverie Neverending‘, which is the first single from his forthcoming 2021 album Nevereverie. It’s a great blend of indie styles, and you’ll probably hear hints of The Cure plus the likes of Lush, Deerhunter and a few others. I love the opening, seating guitars cuts to a shoegaze wall of sound, but then dreamy vocals set out a melody that has stuck in my mind all day.

Mathias explains more about the track: “it‘s about waking up one day and realizing you've been practically living in a daydream all your life. You discover that everyone around you has been living in the real world all along, and are miles ahead of you in their lives.”

It’s a nice idea, although of course those living in the ‘real world’ are probably as jealous of the one ‘living in the dream’.

Definitely another good song, look forward to the album. Mathias Engwall writes good songs and undoubtedly has a really cool taste in music. I bet he even likes Lord Bob Mould.

Interestingly he also works as a producer, mixer and mastering engineer, and he’s worked with the likes of Loney Dear, and David Ahlen, whom we have so much respect for here at NMR.

The track was released last week through Declared Goods Records.

Find him on Facebook. Or Instagram.


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