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Luminous Kid (ft Phoebe Bridgers) - ‘Mountain Crystals’ (single)

Once this is all over I’ve promised myself that I will head off to gigs in all types of places, and one tour that’s definitely on my list are the 2022 European dates for Plàsi, Axel Flóvent and Luminous Kid, who’ve combined forces for a joint series of dates – Amsterdam on the 10th Feb looks particularly appealing.

We’ve featured all 3 artists previously, and the latest to release music is the Swedish indie folk / bedroom pop musician Luminous Kid. I’ve really enjoyed his previous videos in particular, which are quirky and original, and his stories of travelling and playing in South America have been entertaining too.

The latest track to be released is ‘Mountain Crystals’, which apparently Phoebe Bridgers has already declared as her favourite track on his forthcoming album – the two collaborated together when Luminous Kid (as the photographer Olof Grind) shot the artwork for Bridgers’ ‘Punisher’ album.

I can certainly see why, because ‘Mountain Crystals’ seems to be at another musical level to his previous enjoyable lo-fi releases, with an almost joyous optimism permeating the track, and brass instruments bubbling alongside, the whole things just races forward too. And then Bridgers herself features with a spoken word contribution at the end, it’s all quite surprising given the low key nature of his previous singles.

It’s great of course that he has her support, but his music stands up so well as 'Luminous Kid', that I almost feel I shouldn’t mention her at all – although given that I have just done that 3 times, maybe it’s just not possible,

The album, entitled ‘at the end of the dream’, will be released on April 23rd, and it will be accompanied by a photography book. Look forward to both the album and that tour.

Find him on Facebook and Instagram.


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