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  • David Bentley

Lune – Where do love go (single)

A bit of grammatical mishmash of declination from Sweden’s Lune, who asks an age-old question: when love has gone, where does it go, except in strangulated English.

She says, “This song is about emotions that come and go. One second it’s all ’same, same, everything’s the same’ then, suddenly, something has changed. But it only happens inside of you. It’s about love and if we catch it or if it catches us. It’s a song that wants to dance with you and hold your hand.”

The last person I recall asking the question lyrically was Win Butler of Arcade Fire in the track ‘Afterlife’ on the ‘Reflektor’ album, and in a more academic manner than this pleasant, light-hearted ditty from Lune.

Lune is all about melody rather than Butler’s bombast and the song drips with it while her soothing voice is impregnated with feel good factor, despite the subject matter. Finding anything to dislike about it would be very difficult.

‘Where do love go’ was released today 29th May.

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