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Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio (Sweden) - ‘Cosmos Redshift’ (live)

We’ve tried to cover some of the ‘streamed’ gigs that bands / artists have valiantly put on whilst all the ‘real’ live ones have all been cancelled, and some impressive performances there have been too.

Of course if there was to be an Awards night for such events there would only be one winner, because Norwegian band Ocean of Lotion managed to create the most impossibly brilliant performance I’ve ever witnessed, in a swimming pool complete with musicians balancing on diving boards. It will never be forgotten, and you can watch it here.

Swedish musician Martin Månsson Sjöstrand hasn’t gone to quite such lengths in his streamed performance with the cunningly named Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio, but it’s great to see them ‘in the flesh’ of sorts. We’ve featured him many times before, of course, in his guise as member of Dog, Paper, Submarine and his This Heel project, - when it comes to prolificacy, he’s as fluent as Ernie Wise was in writing plays. In fact it’s been 3 months since we’ve had a This Heel release, which officially means he must be on a ‘hiatus’.

Anyway ‘Cosmos Redshift‘ was the 2nd favourite track from their album last year, and it’s an enjoyable rendition which reminds me quite simply that these guys write and perform really entertaining and chaotic instrumental music. Slightly niche I admit, but also worth watching for the outstanding t-shirt representation.

Find them on Facebook. Or Bandcamp.

In related news, Mary Anning is to have a statue finally created in her honour, after as astonishing campaign by a local schoolgirl. read about it here. Heart warming right?


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