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Mauv - 'Goodbye Friend'

It’s probably fair to say that describing yourself as a rock band who ‘like loud noisy guitars and very cold beer’, doesn’t exactly set you aside from the rock band masses, but Swedish band Mauv clearly prefer the honest and simple approach to PR, and new track ‘Goodbye Friend’ pretty much speaks for itself – an indie rock track with a big hint of 90’s UK shoegaze.

My 1st reaction upon hearing was that it was exactly the type of music that I like, followed by horror that I seemed to have missed out on them up until now. The Halmstad based quintet did only release their first EP last year, entitled ‘Changes’, but they have been playing together since 2017, at least according to their Facebook profile, releasing a couple of demos on Soundcloud and playing a good few live gigs along the way.

Facebook doesn’t offer that many more insights, other the fact that again they ‘also like beer’.

New track ‘Goodbye Friend’ actually seems to be a step forward for Mauv, far more intense and ‘noisy’ than last years releases – and with a big hint of bands such as UK indie favourites Lush’. This of course means that I like it very much –helped by impressive vocals from Hanna Åhrén that cut through the loud guitars.

It all bodes well for the band and I hope that future releases will follow the same style. Take a listen here:

You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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