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Mazen Awad – Aftercare (single from debut EP)

Mazen Awad, is releasing his first single, ‘Aftercare’, from his debut EP ‘Miracle’, on May 21st. He was raised and lives in Helsingborg but is managed out of Norway by Made Management, something that probably would not have happened only a few years ago but the Norwegian music industry now comes close to rivalling the Swedish one.

Mazen is being spoken of in the same terms as Swedish superstars such as Zara Larsson and Avicii, which are pretty high benchmarks.

He does his own production as well as song writing, singing and mixing and is fascinated by “artists of the past”, like Da Vinci and Beethoven, thinking of music as a painting, because it can only be painted through one person's imagination, which is why he likes doing it all by himself.

The EP is mostly r&b inspired and tackles subjects like reconciliation with past relationships, and on ‘Aftercare’ what he has tried to do is to find the perfect blend between a catchy pop song and a good feel r&b track, to put it right in between both genres.

Has he succeeded? I don’t hear too much pop, but a lot of r&b, a genre that I find hard to differentiate between good tracks, average ones and not-so-good ones. But especially in view of the fact that Mazen has done all this himself I’m more than happy to give him the benefit of any doubt.

'Aftercare’ was released yesterday May 21st through Awal.

Find him on Instagram.


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